Why affordable to a family making $30,000/year?

The City’s Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO) defines affordable housing on the basis of income, specifically the Area Median Income, or AMI. A unit is considered affordable if the person living there makes up to 60% of the area median income.
According to the City, 60% of area median income for a family of 3 is $41,000/year.
However, the average household income for a Latino family in Logan Square is only 34,346/year, and the average household size is 3.6.  That’s more people, living on much less, than the City allows for.
Developers who comply with ‘onsite’ provision of the ARO are nevertheless utterly failing to provide housing to the families most threatened by displacement.
Therefore, we ought to demand something closer to the reality. 60% of the AMI for an average Latino household would be closer to $20,000/year. (Keeping in mind that area median income is close, but not the same as average household income.)
However, in the spirit of negotiation, we’re demanding something a little more “reasonable”, between what we believe is right and the status quo.