Irresponsible Developers: 212 Developments

212 Developments. Principals: Adi Golan, Lior Ben Zur, Naomi Avitan. They are located at 5 S Wabash, ste 304. According to our research, (212 Developments Property Info) they have purchased 5 properties in the last few years in the Logan Square area.

In October 2015, they purchased a 4 unit building at 2310 W. Grand. It took them nearly 11 months to evict tenant Rosalinda Hernandez, who didn’t have a lease, using techniques that were ineffective, illegal, and frankly dangerous. During this time they were unable to rehab the building, rent the other units, or otherwise profit from the property. They are a seriously irresponsible real estate developer and investors should be aware that their practices carry significant risks of legal liability and failure to meet debt obligations. Details are as follows:

10-8-2015. Illegal eviction notice: They posted this vacate notice on the front door of the building. Such a notice corresponds to no law, gives the landlord no right to evict, and can even qualify as harassment.       10.28.15 Illegal notice to vacate

12-30-2015. Demanded rent without previous notification of who to pay.  Gave the attached 5-day eviction notice for non-payment of rent, without having ever informed her of where to pay in the first place.
5 day notice 12.30.15

1-4-2016. Received formal legal notice to restore heat. Though Ms. Hernandez paid full rent, 212 illegally failed to maintain heat in her apartment in the middle of winter. She delivered this formal Restore Heat letter to Mr Golan with witnesses demanding that 212 restore heat. Mr. Golan refused to do so, leading Ms. Hernandez to make a complaints to the City of Chicago & the Chicago Police Department. It was only after the involvement of a Chicago Police officer that heat was restored. (Unfortunately, we lack documentation of these complaints: 311 neglected to give her a reference #, choosing instead to refer her 911. The officer they dispatched called the owners, but did not provide a police a report.)

1-13-2016. Received demand letter to repair apartment. Ms. Hernandez’ apartment was in such significant disrepair that she successfully retained an attorney pro-bono attorney to sent 212 this Demand Letter.

2-15-16. Two Contradictory eviction notices. Ms Hernandez was given a 5 day notice & a 30 day notice on the same day. The 30 day notice gave her only 15 days to move and was invalid. Though the 5 day notice was given more than a month than the actual date it listed, she paid the rent they asked for.

Wrongly Dated 5-day Notice

Wrong date 5 day notice 2.15.16

Invalid 30-day Notice

Improper 30 day notice 2.15.2016

4-1-2016. Eviction action filed. They eventually gave a proper 30 day notice, and filed for eviction on April 1st, 6 months after their initial attempts to evict (Case #2016-M1-705815). The eviction did not conclude until 7/8/2016.