We Are / Somos Logan Square believes in strong, sustainable communities, that are empowered by community-driven development.

We Are / Somos Logan Square works to:

  • Stop displacement of long-term Residents
  • Advocate for affordable housing
  • Organize and empower residents to drive development
  • Raise awareness about gentrification among new residents

We do this through participating in community meetings, starting conversations, and action, and building coalition in Logan Square, and other neighborhoods facing the same issues.

We Are / Somos Logan Square also work through three committees to advance our goals and craft strategy:

The outreach committee is responsible for growing our members, and empowering our members and people in the community to take action. We do this through community events, picnics, teach-ins, and other events.

Our priorities are:
Creating awareness and education
Empowering people to take action
Creating partnerships and community

The outreach committee is committed to build partnerships with other organizations or individuals who are doing this work. We believe in coalition building as we understand that work against gentrification and for affordable housing have been underway for a long time, and we want to be part of the movement to affect change.

Example of Past Outreach Activities:
GOTV Teach-In event
Gentrification Series
Potluck at RenewALL exhibit

Tenant Organizing
The Tenant Organizing committee works with tenants to get informed about tenants’ rights, and organize a collective action to raise awareness of problems in their building, or take action against illegal actions by developers or landlords.

Supporting Tenant Organizing efforts at 1627 N Humboldt Ave
Delivering petition to JJ Equities over repair issues and rent increase at 3943 W Diversey

Research & Strategy
The research & strategy committee research potential developers, and strategize for community action.

If you are interested in joining any of these committees. Please sign up here.
Have other skills, and want to contribute? Think that we could be of help to your organization? Contact us.